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About the Author L.H.Chang:
Like most little boys, I wanted a dog growing up. My parents were always reluctant because we didn’t have a big yard for the dog “to run and be free” to quote my mom. From this desire for a dog, one came into existence in the mind of an eight year old boy. I have been drawing “my” dog ever since. His original name was the “Barkless One” for obvious reasons. My love for this dog and his family has grown over the years and I started to feel the need to share him with the world: to allow him to run and be free. By giving him a voice through his stories, I decided to name him “Doggfucius” in honour of the great Chinese philosopher. A fitting name since he will also help teach and introduce children to the Chinese culture and language. I hope the reader will enjoy his company as much as I do.
The author currently works as a physician in southern Ontario.

About the Author Vesna Dokmanovic:
From a young age she had a passion for animals and the sciences. So it was a great opportunity to collaborate on her friend’s project which has elements of both of these interests. She is currently working as a nurse practitioner in northern Ontario.
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